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Emmi Laurie Butler (BabyTard) is the third child of Shay and Colette Butler and was their youngest child to be featured on their daily vlogs, who had been on the vlogs starting at just 3 months old. This streak was later replaced by the birth of her younger siblings (Brock and Daxton).

When the SHAYTARDS channel first started, she was the youngest child and therefore the "baby" of the channel and got the name "BabyTard".

Although she was rather camera shy as a toddler, Emmi would later develop a love for being in the spotlight and enjoyed being on camera. Her mom, Colette, has said that Emmi loves to make people laugh, and so she often says and does silly things. Just like her mom, Emmi also loves to sing.

Although she gets her energy and looks from Shay she also shares a lot with Colette. She is very brave and outgoing as often times you can see her climbing and jumping off high places. Emmi also enjoys swimming and is one of the best in the family along with Avia.

She has had a literal touch with fame as a photo of her as a baby was featured on the cover of James Blunt's album 'Some Kind of Trouble'. Since then, Emmi has actually met and spent time with James Blunt, who at one time gave the Shaytards backstage passes to one of his concerts.  

Fun facts[]

  • Emmi Is known by the name 'Loofus' After GrandmaTard started calling her 'Lou', due to Emmi's middle name. Inspired by GrandmaTard's real name. Shay will sometimes call her "Emmi Loofus".
  • As a toddler, Emmi was featured on the cover of a James Blunt album.
  • Emmi's birth sign is a Leo.
  • She is known for being very goofy, outgoing, and silly. She often strives to make people laugh and will go out of her way to make sure someone is happy.
  • Emmi is especially close to her older sister Avia.
  • Both Emmi and Avia love Taylor Swift.
  • Emmi does sports and enjoys cheerleading and being active.
  • Emmi is the middle child.
  • Emmi is also amogus and is actually an imposter for the retards-I mean shaytards