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Daxton Charles Butler (born; October 25, 2013), known by fans as BroTard is the fifth and youngest child of Shay Butler and Colette Butler. He was born after his parents decided to induce labor. Daxton has four older siblings: Gavin, AviaEmmi, and Brock.

Colette's father and step-mother, Vince and Peggy, wanted to name Daxton after Colette's deceased mother; Colleen, who's birthday was on October 25th. Vince and Peggy both thought the name "Cole" (the male version of Colleen), would be the best name to honor Colleen. However; Colette didn't like her parent's idea and decided against it.

Fun Facts[]

  • Daxton is the only Shaytards child born in California, while the others were born in Idaho and Utah.
  • He is also the Shaytards' biggest baby. When he was born, he weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces.
  • He is the only blue-eyed child among his siblings.
  • Daxton was born on his maternal grandmother's birthday.
  • Daxton's birth video entitled "A BABY IS BORN!", was once the most viewed SHAYTARDS vlog. However, it has since been passed by more recent SHAYTARDS vlogs.
  • According to Avia, his older sister, he was born at 2:30pm.