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Kayli Dawn Butler
200px Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Name Kayli Dawn Butler
Tard Name KayliTard
Gender Female
Age 37
Birthday May 3, 1983
Parents Sami and Marc
Spouse Casey Butler
Children Brailee, Gage, Winston and Layla Butler, (Adopted By Stanley Junious)

Kayli Dawn Butler (born on May 3, 1986) is married to Casey Butler and they have 4 kids together: Brailee, Gage, Winston, and Layla.

Kayli has been to beauty school and is a qualified makeup artist and hairdresser. She demonstrates these skills in her tutorials on her main YouTube channel; HeyKayli. However, at the moment she is at a stay at home mom. In September 2016, Kayli announced that she was pregnant with her fourth child that she's expected to give birth to in April 2017, the same time her sister-in-law Carlie Butler is expecting her child with her husband, Jackson Wood.

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