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Gavin Butler
Name Gavin Butler
Tard Name SonTard
Gender Male
Age 10
Birthday December 3, 2003

Sontardis the eldest of the ShayTard children. Colette has personally described her son as very intuitive to the feelings of others, and is often seen being a good brother to all of his younger siblings. Gavin has a very kind heart and is often seen helping. He is so kind to his siblings, and all those around him.

Gavin is known for his love of dancing, and, much like Shay, he will not hesitate to "bust out the moves" upon request. He has been involved in different sports ranging from soccer to martial arts. He enjoys reading different books. He also does Scouts like his father did as a young man.

Gavin is a very amazing kid, with an extremely kind heart. He has more maturity, and wisdom than most kids his age. We look forward to the future years as he grows up into a young man. We continue to wish him the best in all things.