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Ezekiel (Zeke)
Name Ezekiel (Zeke)
Tard Name Zeketard
Gender Male
Age 2 (Almost 3)

About Zeke[]

Zeke (or Ezekiel) is the current Great Dane, owned by the ShayTards family after Malachi was put down.

Because of his breed (Great Dane), Zeke has been a big dog from birth. However, despite his large size, he has always been known for his sweet disposition. Like Malachi, he has always been a very patient, and loving dog to his family. He loves to play fetch, and run, but is also content to lay in the sun. Zeke has also been known for his howl, which he does primarily when the family is going crazy! Over all, Zeke is a very friendly, fun loving dog. He is a joy to the Shaytards family and he never hurts any of the kids.


Zeke in 2013